Putting American
Workers Displaced
by COVID-19
Back to Work

The designated resource for every state
in America to support workers suffering
from job loss amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

A National Solution for Displaced Workers

OnwardUS is a web-based resource to connect Americans suffering from job loss amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, state by state. OnwardUS is rapidly deploying in states across America, with more on the way. The OnwardUS solution dynamically connects displaced workers to essential life services, retraining, and jobs using fewer than 20 data points, and is available to states at no cost.

You can view individual OnwardUS state sites as they come online by clicking the state on the map.

How does OnwardUS work?

3 Simple Steps:

step 1
Connect to Essential Life Services
(Money, Food, Shelter, etc.)
step 2
Connect to Retraining Opportunities
step 3
Connect to Your Next Job

OnwardUS Coalition

OnwardUS is made possible by companies, foundations, and governments committed to connecting Americans impacted by job loss amidst COVID-19 with employment opportunities.

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